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Welcome to the Era of Domain Names. The Next 5 Years. The 5 Years that Count!

Aug 24, 2011 by Rick Schwartz

Morning Folks!!

Want to know the future? Study the past. Understand the past. Live the past for a few minutes.

The industrial age is not dead. It has moved to China and some underdeveloped countries. The Information Age is something we entered more than 50 years ago but most only saw it 20-30 years ago and used it only within the last 10-20 years if that.

But what is after the Information Age? How will the Information Age change, transform and branch off into other sectors?

Have you been paying attention to the “Pivotal Moment” that I have described in my last posts? Have you seen it yet? Do you understand it? Do you know the bi-products? Do you know how to pick a domain name for the FUTURE not the PAST??

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The new Latona's is live. What it is and why we are doing it

June 07, 20101 by Rick Latona

For months now I've been divesting from the pure generic domain business and defining in my organization the class of assets known as web properties. I believe that what matters in today's day and age is cash flow. That is the simplest way to explain the new business model behind Latona's. To fully understand where we are going with this, I'd like to expand on what I mean by cash flow and what exactly we consider a "web property".

First, a little background on what got us here. The domain bubble burst in late 2008. Various sites and reports will show you that sales are still strong on the low end of the market, $x,xxx and $xx,xxx sized deals. Occasionally, we'll even see some 6 and 7 digit deals hit the news. However, those are rare and far between. There certainly aren't enough of them for a broker to make a decent business out of them. Maybe if you were independent and working out of your house and had no expenses you could make a living brokering domains but we are trying to do bigger things here.

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Easy Tips to Make Your Site Rank Better

July 08, 2011 Published By Rakesh

Quality traffic or lack thereof can make or break any website. There are tons of ways to bring new visitors to a site but few can match the quality or volume of search engines for providing traffic - Google in particular. When your website is ranked through Google, the floodgates of traffic will open up and flow right into your site. But in order to achieve a good position on Google, you have to convince them that your site is worth ranking. How? Boost your site's page rank before you make any move to get Google's attention. This article explores various methods you can follow to boost page rank. Social bookmarking websites like Reddit and Digg all have high page ranks and any websites that get submitted to them can obviously be helped. When you add good content to these sites they can offer you a great way to find ...

Read the entire article here.

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Domain articles are really influential on the domainers decisions? We are those that think that their opinion is really important if not fundamental to decide what we can do or decide on domains market. Domain articles are not the same as brokers reviews or ranking agencies. They are human, not robots. Certainly there are domainers (the so called experts) that know exactly what we know and have no clue to investigate what is better or worst. Sometimes the so called experts work for big corporations or even as freelancers they talk in their direction, to please and enjoy them, not the customers.
Domain articles and reviews are so important as we learn to work on this hard job where time is something abstract and einsteinian. For example 24 hours are less that we expected to work and it doesn´t matter if we work 10 or 12 hours per day that we always feel that it is not enough. Sometimes we feel that we never end the job and someone have to take the testimony.

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