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Thumbnail photo of Chef Patrick Sold For At Least $6,000,000

Posted on 25 May 2011

I haven’t seen any news about this so figured I would bring some attention to it.

On October 5th 2010 Michael Berkens of published information about an upcoming Moniker auction which was part of. Berkens posted this in relation to the domain name, “Reserve price I’m told is north of $6 Million making this seem like a no-brainier great deal if you have the cash.”

On May 4th 2011 Andrew Allemann of published information that Monte Cahn was suing for over $13,000,000. In that article it states Cahn was not paid commission for the sale of

1 + 1 = sold for at least $6,000,000.

Read the entire posting here.

Le Café des Spécialistes


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