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Internal Links  
(Domains and Other Matters)

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"Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage" (Mendelssohn)


How links are so important for search engine optimization (SEO)? Internal Links are much more important today than in the past. They are so important mainly for websites and webmasters/mistresses, because they allow the interaction with multiple web pages built on the website. External links and mainly backlinks are also important but internal links are prioritary (in our view), as they allow the visitor to navigate within the whole website without giving away to other websites.

Now that Domains Market are very slow with domainers (like us) selling or let them expire, we decided to cover other type of business such like Internet Marketing and Selling Products (this is not available yet). Then we decide to create different areas on the site, some pages related with Domaining business and other matters like Selling Products and a lot of pages related with Internet Marketing (where we are very active as a member and also as a referer).

You click the links according your own interests. If you wish to see what domains we have for sale, you can click "domains for sale" link. However if you are more interested on Internet Marketing you click on the link "Internet Marketing" and from there you will have some other pages related with this business. Everyone knows that domain market and other markets (stocks, penny stocks and so on), are under a serious financial crisis. Unlike "Internet Marketing" is a business that is growing. Thousands or even millions of Internet users are choosing this business every day, since they can do it without leaving home by creating your own commercial studio.

Internal links are also important because they improve the quality of the web site, and get better rankings on SEO and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Alexa.


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