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Internet Marketing  

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  This page and all the others related with Internet Marketing are managed by our co-founder, Ana Martins (photo above). You can email her to


This page is the main page for the internet marketing area on this site. We tried to make a small introduction about this business and the economical benefits for those who decide to invest on it. We also do not full this page with dozens of banners as it is a bad behavior on SEO. However this is a starting point to other pages mainly those with the best 10 websites on Traffic Exchange, Safelists/Emails, List Builders, Auto-surf programs, a Gifts Gallery and a Download page for getting the gifts.
We recommend to see and read all the content on this page as it represents our view on this business and alkso our choices (certainly just one of the thousands views on this business). Saying this we are open to your criticism abnd opinions about our choices and also your own suggestions if you think we have to review.

WARNING: We apologize but this page and another pages related with the same theme (Network or Internet Marketing) are under the rotation system. If you reload or refresh this page you will probably see another banners under the same rotation scheme. You can even find a totally changed webpage. This is an advantage for advertisers that want to find websites or webpages that are constantly changing, not static.

What is Network Marketing or Internet Marketing? Well, the answer is so simple: if you have a business online (or even offline) you can promote it in a variety of programs. As with other markets and companies there are dozens of dishonest and fake programs but if you join and learn a little about that program you will op-out. However there are hundreds of good and trusted programs and we just advertise here those we consider truly real and honest. We just recommend honest and trusted programs because we respect you and your time. Instead of join and learn for months you can decide reading our pages and see what programs we recommend. How many programs you choose to subscribe is up to you, that´s your decision but we recommend to subscribe at least ten or even more, a few of the best Traffic Exhanges, and some of Safelists/Mailers, List Builders and so on. Network Marketing it is not e-commerce, you don´t sell products but earn money and improve your traffic and visitors joining those programs and spend some time per week surfind other websites (not necessarly thousands but a few of them) and spend some moneybuying credits to avoid wasting your time on surfing. The programs of Internet Marketing have two main goals - improve the traffic to websites and give the opportunity of subscribed members to advertise in their websites. Of course mostly of them are free on subscription but if you need to get more traffic and earn money with every referral you got (family members, friends or coleagues you convince to subscribe and join you on the sites you subscribed). After your subscription you are facing the need to improve your status into the website and you feel the need to upgrade your account for something you can pay monthly or lifetime.

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If you are interested in one or more programs of the following pages (Traffic Exchange, Auto-surf, List Builders and others), do not hesitate to subscribe. All those are free on subscription but you will gain more benefits if you upgrade after read what the site or sites are offering and how many traffic and money you get if you follow their instructions and guides. After your subscription and if you are an active member (surfing or upgrading at least one more step on membership levels), please send us an email or contact us through the several addresses you mentioned above. We have a good collection of gifts (have to download it later) to offer every subscriber, no matter the program you decide to join us. Even after the subscription, we can help you (exchanging emails) in any question you have on the program you joined.

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