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Top 10 of the best Safelist/Emailers Programs. Do you really need to send emails without spam?

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TopTen Safelists/Emailers  

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If you want to earn money on Internet and get large amounts of traffic to your site or blog, subscribe one or more of the INTERNET MARKETING PROGRAMS shown on this page. In the meanwhile please read the texts below with Internet Marketing related.




Safelists or emails are programs that you can use for sending emails to other members of the website without violating the rules about spam. When you are sending an email you know that you are sending to someone that is a member of the same website as if you are a member of a real club. Any email you sent is addressed to another members of the same website not randomly members or a mailing list of your friends on facebook or other social network. On the safelists/emailers programs you know that you are not violating any rules.
When you send an email you know that you are sending to another members like you. You send to them and they will see your email and mostly of them read it and click on your link. The safelists or emailers (they are the same thing), send emails like you do to your family and close friends. Who of them claim that you are making spam?

The best safelist/emailers are those that you can see tracking your sites or blogs on different tracking websites such as Google Analytics or StatCounter, not those that just say they are the best and cost just a buck or a $5,00. There are another elements to define a better or a bad safelist/emailer: some of them only offer you to send your email to around 350/500 members rather than others that offer you much more (15.000 or even more). If you use a stats counter such as Google Analytics or StatCounter (this one is better than GA, you can see how many readers are reading your email or even clicking on it and going to your website or websites.
On safelists/emailers websites the best result is to get more readers that read your email and not ignore it and the CTR you got, considering the ratio between the number of readers and the number of emails you sent. If you sent 100 emails, ten readers is better than eight or even two.

In the table below you will find an easy way to subscribe to some of the most credible and profitable internet safelists/emailers programs.

Our selection is based on objectivity and the data collected from counters and trackers. There is no perfection when we have to classify someone or something, even on the Olympic Games. Our selection was based on several factors such as the number of email readers and the CTR they got, what means the number of email readers + the number of emails read. These factors are important because they influence greatly the ranking that we get from Google Analytics or Alexa. It matters if we have many thousands of non-human visitors like in some fake websites, manual or auto surf. All these sites are free but we recommend that you test one or some of them during some time and then decide if it is worth doing an upgrade and improve our account as a member paying a small amount of money (sometimes a bargain mainly during the period of pre-launch or launch of the program).

Improving our account as a member and particularly on safelists and emailers programs it will bring us more benefits on various levels. Some of these benefits even include the amount of emails you can send to other members (not mailing lists, we repeat), the possibility of increasing the value of our cash earnings, if we bring to the site some referrals (family members, friends or colleagues, on social networks such like Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest and others).

As you can see we decided to publish only five of the ten websites that we found and tested with a better performance. We promise however that if there is a significant change from these sites we will change the ranking list and also we will change the website banners inserted.



Firstly, far beyond what you can send by your own e-mail, on safelists/emailers there is the possibility to achieve thousands of members of each program (website) that you decide to subscribe.

While sending a message by e-mail to lots of people in your emailbox, can be illegal and prosecuted for spam (sending a mass of emails without permission), in the case of a safelist or emailer you can send your messages and links to thousands of members without incurring in any offense simply because such members belong to the same website or program as you, and therefore to send email to them they can also send their emails to you, ie you can also send messages and links to the programs to which they belong.
The benefits are so huge and most investors in internet marketing earn big gains by using the services of specialized websites (or also called programs).

Suppose now endorsed a program peering (traffic exchange) and aims to promote this program in other sites? What is the best solution? Subscribe to a program (or more) that allows you to send emails to thousands of people and on a regular basis (every three days or even daily). Suppose you want to promote your own site, that best solution is faced with being able to use a program (or website) that sends emails to all or nearly all its members, without being accused of spam. And when your emails or messages are read and their links are clicked, what is the result? Necessarily YOU get more traffic to your website or blog.
On the other hand, if someone receives your email (among all members there are always some who click on your links), hereby endorse as their referrer, will certainly benefit from economic but accepts commissions to which he is entitled.






Yes, subscribe for free membership, then read it first before any further decision.

Hi Fellow Internet Marketer
Email-Hog, a classic between other classics was finally defeated by a new one on Internet Marketing - Magical Mailer. Why? Well, think about the meaning of an high CTR and the visitors that click in everything you have a click to them! Magical Mailer doubled the high CTR of Email-Hog and that´s why it is nominated as the first in our top list.
The subscription is easy but you only get all the benefits (commissions, credits, and so on), if you decided to upgrade some weeks after your subscription. The price is a bargain considering the benefits you got with an upgrade.
Commissions and other weekly rewards are very attractive. Try to get some referrals (your affiliates) between your family members, friends and colleagues or even in your neighborhood. Sometimes this is an easy thing and the benefits are big that you can earn hundreds of even thousands of dollars each month. No, it is not a lie, it is proven when you have the luck to be affiliates that also do an upgrade in their accounts. You just need to spend one or two hours a day on promotion the website (or websites, if you subscribe more than one).
Please note the emails are sent to the members of the site, then there is no spam. The members are exactly like you - you read their emails and they read yours. No spam.
Yours, to your success
Ana Martins

Read more here!

Email-Hog was the previous winner on this list but was defeated by Magical Mailer due its higher CTR and readers. However Email-Hog is still a classic on the emailers category. Marty Petrizza (also the owner of other websites), she is an expert and very professional on Internet Marketing. If you need to send your emails, this is still one of best choices to subscribe as a free member and if possible upgrade later to another level of membership. You earnings will be higher than as a free member.

Simple Ad Mailer Banner

SimpleAdMailer is also an excellent website (and program). It is not mentioned in several top lists (based on votes and a kind of "like it"), but try for yourself to send an email throughout this emailer and you will see the results in CTR and emails read, effectively the more important on traffic. The emails sent through this emailer reach normally a CTR of 3% much more than the normal of 1.50% or less, of other safelists and emailers.

Viral Mail Profits Banner

Viral Mail Profits is a excellent website and a great emailer (if you want to reach Internet Marketing email readers). It is one of our choices and their tool UltiSend is something you can´t avoid if you need to send your emails and control them, see how many readers read your emails and many other possibilities. You type your email ads, make a template for all, and send it. All this into the program. Of course you can send it to other emailers, to 10 if you are a free member or 999 if you are a paid member. Upgrading it is not expensive and the benefits are much higher.

(Free Subscription, no credit card needed)

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Points Network Marketing Website Link Free Subscription
10 points Magical Mailer Link Free Subscription
9 points Email-Hog Link Free Subscription
8 points Simple Ad Mailer Link Free Subscription
7 points Viral Mail Profits Link Free Subscription
6 points List Jumper Link Free Subscription
5 points Fast List Mailer Link Free Subscription
4 points List Joe Link Free Subscription
3 points Build My Downlines Link Free Subscription
2 points Land Marketing Mailer Link Free Subscription
1 points AdChiever Link Free Subscription


The table above represents a serious work on research with several stats counter such as Google Analytics, StatCounter and W3Counter.
The decision is yours and the subscription is totally free. Your decision depends of several needs: If you just want more traffic to your site in a few days, the best one is HipLeap, the worst decision you can take as HitLeap members only stay on your site for a few seconds decreasing your reputation and ranking. We don´t recommend it as we know how they work.

Explode My List!


Fast List Mailer is a recent launched program. Well, but try it first and then compare with other "classic" emailers, mainly those that are on the top lists. They won them in CTR (generally more than 3%) and number of email readers. We are using them since they launched and now we are just a free members but we believe to upgrade very soon. The banners are not so "good looking" (at least for us), but we expect they will improve it on the future. After all what we want when we send an email has nothing to do with the layout or the image design of the banners.

However if you need a program that not only gives you traffic but gives you quality human traffic (with an higher CTR and number of email readers), the best programs are undoubtedly Magical Mailer, Email-Hog, SimpleAdMailer, Viral Mail Profits and some others of the table above.
Others such like ListJumper, FastListMailer and ListJoe are also a good choice if you already subscribed the best of all as above referred.
Websites like BuildMyDownlines, LandMarketingMailer, AdChiever and MaxMailerPro are good with an high CTR and a reasonable number of email readers.
With Safelists and Emailers (both terms are correct) the main factor for analysis is the number of readers we got when we send emails and mainly the CTR they got per email sent. Email-Hog is at the top of the list above, as it gets an higher CTR and an higher number of email readers, in both cases the twice of the second on this list.

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